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Brightening the Future of Baja's Youth

By providing bright students from extremely poor families the financial support to afford a quality education.    BSF promises to support these kids until they have the skills necessary to get a good job with good wages even through college. Their part is to maintain high grades,  high moral code and to be a role model for their fellow citizens. Our part is to raise enough money to keep our promise !

Ken Kesson - A BSF Pioneer and Shepherd of the Flock

Remebered as a Guiding Light for the BSF from his role as a founder and His Influence that will Remain Into the Future

Ken Kesson was a founding member of the Baja Scholarship foundation and has been actively involved, as a driving force, until his passing last year. He was a pioneer in business and part of the fabric of surfing history. At 35 years old he took second place in the legendary 1964 U.S. Surfing Championships at Huntington Beach. The event featured the legends of surfing like Mike Doyle, Mickey Munoz, Dewy Webber, Hobie Alter and Corky Carroll. He is revered and remembered by all of them.

The honor of his memory has been driving donations targeted for the cultivation of English skills in BSF students at the Cambridge School of English. Click the DONATE button to the right to make a donation in Ken's honor. 

He is held in the dearest regard by all he has touched. Below are comments on his moving to beyond corporeal life by one of his friends:

Keny Keny Keny.

Where does one start? Let me say that Ken Kesson was a Renaissance Man; that way I can write everything I think of. I heard he was a stock broker before I met him. I can’t imagine that for the free-spirited man I met in the 70s who was creating pocketbooks, belts and boxes in leather with designs stamped on them (using the process that newspapers used to make mats to print the paper. Who would have thought of that?) And he was hang gliding in his free time (which, I guess, could be any time he wanted). I had never heard of the sport, but it was exciting to watch him take off and fly through the air. It must have been a wonderful feeling. Maybe similar to surfing, another sport where he excelled in his earlier days.


Cambridge English School in Rosarito

Make a big difference in the professional career opportunities for our scholarship students

One of the charters of the Baja Scholarship Foundation is to foster bilingual competency in our scholarship awardees. The Cambridge English School in Rosarito is a great opportunity for our students to become fully and professionally proficient in English. It is an impressive program, which actually results in an IESL certification and can result in IELTS Certification from Cambridge University!

The program has four levels followed by a test, which is given at the university in Tijuana. Each level takes 4 months of either 4-hour classes on Saturday or daily 1 hour classes. We are VERY impressed with their protocol and with the results achieved.  The person we met with had outstanding English and this is where she studied.

We are sending our two students who did not get slots at UABC this semester there

One of our Students, Yessi, posted the comments below to show how important this is to our career minded students:

Hello, yesterday I went to my first job interview concerning my career, for a public relations job in an important project of wine in town. My only problem, though I gather the necessary skills for the job, was English. English is essential for the position. Students may think it is not necessary, but it is. For full-time students, who are fortunate to only study and not having to work, the primary, secondary and high school, they should divide their time between school and English classes. Advantage not working today. You cannot say that the school absorbs them way too long , when they get to college and have to work , know what is "no time, sometimes , even to sleep." consider their English as something urgent to attend. Otherwise tomorrow I will not pass the first interview because not master the English language?

For my part, I will seek a course on Saturday morning, here in Ensenada, when I have a couple of hours, usually I dedicate it to catch up with overdue tasks. But this is more important and urgent to address and though I have to pay, for me it is an investment in my future, and a secured job. For you it's free, and it's in your area, see my example and evaluate the consequences of not addressing something as important

We would LOVE to be able to send all of our students, at least the university students; some who would not need all four Levels. However, we need sponsors to step in to finance this effort. There is a 100 peso ($6usd) initial inscription fee and the monthly fee is a very reasonable 800 pesos ($48usd). The book, one for each level, is 360 pesos ($22usd).

Contact the Baja Scholarship Foundation today to sponsor this excellent program for our students.


The Annual BSF Fiesta

Honoring the past year and getting ready for the next!

The Annual BSF Family Fiesta is always a heartwarming experience for everyone involved.  We've had more than a dozen of these wonderful events where our students are able to invite their whole family to celebrate the student's successes.  Donors, sponsors, BSF alumni and those wanting to learn more about BSF are invited.

The greatest thing about the Fiesta is seeing the pride of parents and grandparents over their child's selection to receive a scholarship that will stay with them until they graduate from university.  Year after year, Board Directors and sponsors get to know the total family, receiving hugs and loving comments as an important part of the day.

This year we are doubly blessed with the generosity of our community.  Sra. Silvia Cota-Campbell is donating the use of her beautiful Rancho Cota-Campbell, a beautiful venue used for fancy weddings and other events.  And, the icing on the cake is the generous donation of fish tacos, prepared and served by folks from the lovely Puerto Nuevo Hotel!  A big thank you to these two businesses with a strong sense of community spirit.  Speaking of generosity, we need to mention our Mothers, who always provide delicious salads and drinks.

It's always great to see our graduates and hear of their career successes.  And, the self introductions of our students is a highlight for everyone.

This year our host will be Anarbol Cano, Electrical Engineer and BSF graduate.  Entertainment will be provided by Iliana and David, parents of one of our students!  

The students receive school supplies, food bags for the family to enjoy, payments for inscription fees and uniforms and information about new programs and procedures.

Another BSF Graduation Success

Ana Graduates with Honors and shares the expereience

"Hello, I share some pictures of my graduation. I want to thank you again for all your support, for joining me and help me achieve this goal in my life. My title is already in process and also I graduated with honors by my excellent academic performance"

Susana's Chef from BSF & Vinos Emiliana from Guadelupe Plate & Pour Perfection

Another BSF Susana's Wine & Dine Event was nothing less than Spectacular

Susana's Restaurant in conjunction with The Baja Scholarship Foundation holds semi-monthly four course Gourmet luncheons paired with a different local vineyard each time. Last week’s version was nothing short of spectacular. With a BSF scholarship alum, Iris, as chef the culinary art of each course was simply splendid. However the wines in this version were equally wonderful and masterfully paired.

The First course set the tone with the sautéed mushroom & onion with blue chees wrapped in phyllo topped with poached pear and red wine relish with candied walnuts. This aperitivo was rich and full of bold flavors much like the wine it was paired with Emiliana's 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon.

However, the Star of the meal was the Braised Filet Mignon with Carrot & Zucchini stuffed Ravioli served on top of Garlic Mashed Potatoes, sautéed Spinach with fresh Parmesan Cheese and a Honey Red Wine Reduction. Bursting with satisfying blend of rich flavors of savory, sweet and sharp. The Emiliana’s 2011 Nebiollo Gran Reserva was an inspired pick to pair with this main course. The spicy flavor and strong dry finish complimented the flavors on the front end while cleansing the palate on the back end to enjoy the next bite as if it was the first.

The event raised funds for the continued operation of the Baja Scholarship Foundation. Susana’s dedication to the promotion of this cause is appreciated and inspiring.

Sold out as always make sure you watch here for the notice of the next event so you don’t miss out on the next one!

Another BSF Student Progresses towards her Professional Dreams

BSF Student Maria embarks on her “clinical experience” at a local Tijuana Hospital

Maria  (Bottom row, third from right in the photo) is a BSF scholarship recipient with another year after this one to complete her studies to be a Nurse in Mexico.  Maria is starting her hands-on experience in the ISSTECAL Hospital in Tijuana this month. Maria and her sister, Magali, are sponsored by Larry Kelley and Jo'se Ghilarducci.


The Baja Scholarship Foundation awards the highest achieving students from the poorest families in Baja California scholarships to support their studies as far as they need to go to support their career dreams. Today the foundation supports about 50 students from 2nd grade through post graduate studies. Subscribe to our Facebook at to keep up to date on our fundraising events.

Judie Kesson Honored with MeXOXO Award

Founder and President of BSF wins "MeXOXO Women of Baja Entrepreneur Awards - Social Impact Award"!!!

On January 31st, 2015, a group of women entrepreneurs were recognized for their endeavors at an event called Women Entrepreneurs of Baja Awards. The event is organized by MEXOXO, an organization dedicated to training, mentoring and funding women to become social entrepreneurs.

The nominees are divided into four categories in the fields of social impact, innovation, entrepreneurship, and the arts. The panel of judges include Marco Antonio Soto, co-founder of HUB Station in Tijuana; Scot Richardson, a local entrepreneur and creator of Once Upon a Time in Rosarito; Caitlin Trimble, a cross-border entrepreneur and writer; Pamela Alexander, a social-media marketing expert and an active member of co-working spaces throughout Mexico; and Kathy Katz, a binational entrepreneur involved in the fields of manufacturing and real estate.

Judie Kesson, Founder and President of the Baja Scholarship Foundation, was honored with the "MeXOXO Women of Baja Entrepreneur Awards - Social Impact Award"!!! Congratulations to Judie for the amazing impact she has had on the students, families and communities in Baja. The BSF community congratulates Judie on this great accomplishment as it is truly a validation of the charter of the foundation she has forged over the last 18 years.

See more at: .

Another BSF Student is recognized for Excellence

Erick earned a meeting with Bruce Dale, Famouse National Geographic Photograper

Erick is a prepa student and has been with BSF for many years.  This past week, Erick spent two hours with Bruce Dale, a nationally known photographer who was a staff person for National Geographic for 30 years and won the prestigious White House Photographer of the Year Award in the 90's.


Bruce has agreed to critique Erick's work and to mentor his photography life!   Erick heard some pretty harsh words about the reality of making a living as a photographer.  But, he was given some great guidance on how to make photography an important part of his life. We are always so grateful when donors and friends offer their expertise to help guide our students in their career choices.


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