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Brightening the Future of Baja's Youth

By providing bright students from extremely poor families the financial support to afford a quality education.    BSF promises to support these kids until they have the skills necessary to get a good job with good wages even through college. Their part is to maintain high grades,  high moral code and to be a roll model for their fellow citizens. Our part is to raise enough money to keep our promise !

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  • Provide financial support for educational and related expenses for high achieving Mexican students who might otherwise be unable to attend school. These students will be selected from La Mision, Descanso and other nearby ejidos (cooperatives) and communities of the Baja California frontier/border area;
  • Assist the selected students throughout their education whether it is to attend a vocational or professional institution, until they become self-supporting members of their communities;
  • Instill in these students the desire to assist those in the community and those who follow them by providing financial and inspirational assistance in the future;
  • Bring together the American and Mexican neighborhood/community in a positive and mutually rewarding way

Contact Us

 PO Box 439060 PMB 652
 San Diego CA 92143
 US # +1 (760) 208 2840
 MX # +52 661 613 2359
 Judie Kesson | BSF Founder

Baja Scholarship Foundation Fiesta

Another Fantastic Fiesta!!!

This years BSF Fiesta was another fantastic event for the students, sponsors and BSF members. it was an wonderful success and many new friends forged relationships with the foundation.

This program included folkloric dancers from our students, musical artists, presentations from our English students and oh yessss the tacos!!! The Patrons of the Puerto Nuevo Hotel were extremely generous to sponsor the fiestas food this year. Tacos Jr set up their made to order fish taco operation and fed the crowd of over 300 people with scrumptious tacos “Baja Style”. A big thanks from BSF goes out to the people at Baja’s newest resort the Puerto Nuevo Baja Hotel & Villas.