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Brightening the Future of Baja's Youth

By providing bright students from extremely poor families the financial support to afford a quality education.    BSF promises to support these kids until they have the skills necessary to get a good job with good wages even through college. Their part is to maintain high grades,  high moral code and to be a role model for their fellow citizens. Our part is to raise enough money to keep our promise !

Another BSF Student Progresses towards her Professional Dreams

BSF Student Maria embarks on her “clinical experience” at a local Tijuana Hospital

Maria  (Bottom row, third from right in the photo) is a BSF scholarship recipient with another year after this one to complete her studies to be a Nurse in Mexico.  Maria is starting her hands-on experience in the ISSTECAL Hospital in Tijuana this month. Maria and her sister, Magali, are sponsored by Larry Kelley and Jo'se Ghilarducci.


The Baja Scholarship Foundation awards the highest achieving students from the poorest families in Baja California scholarships to support their studies as far as they need to go to support their career dreams. Today the foundation supports about 50 students from 2nd grade through post graduate studies. Subscribe to our Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/bajascholarshipfoundation to keep up to date on our fundraising events.

Judie Kesson Honored with MeXOXO Award

Founder and President of BSF wins "MeXOXO Women of Baja Entrepreneur Awards - Social Impact Award"!!!

On January 31st, 2015, a group of women entrepreneurs were recognized for their endeavors at an event called Women Entrepreneurs of Baja Awards. The event is organized by MEXOXO, an organization dedicated to training, mentoring and funding women to become social entrepreneurs.

The nominees are divided into four categories in the fields of social impact, innovation, entrepreneurship, and the arts. The panel of judges include Marco Antonio Soto, co-founder of HUB Station in Tijuana; Scot Richardson, a local entrepreneur and creator of Once Upon a Time in Rosarito; Caitlin Trimble, a cross-border entrepreneur and writer; Pamela Alexander, a social-media marketing expert and an active member of co-working spaces throughout Mexico; and Kathy Katz, a binational entrepreneur involved in the fields of manufacturing and real estate.

Judie Kesson, Founder and President of the Baja Scholarship Foundation, was honored with the "MeXOXO Women of Baja Entrepreneur Awards - Social Impact Award"!!! Congratulations to Judie for the amazing impact she has had on the students, families and communities in Baja. The BSF community congratulates Judie on this great accomplishment as it is truly a validation of the charter of the foundation she has forged over the last 18 years.

See more at: http://www.sandiegored.com/noticias/60694/Women-Entrepreneurs-of-Baja-Awards/#sthash.CY2LZ2Or.dpuf .

Another BSF Student is recognized for Excellence

Erick earned a meeting with Bruce Dale, Famouse National Geographic Photograper

Erick is a prepa student and has been with BSF for many years.  This past week, Erick spent two hours with Bruce Dale, a nationally known photographer who was a staff person for National Geographic for 30 years and won the prestigious White House Photographer of the Year Award in the 90's.


Bruce has agreed to critique Erick's work and to mentor his photography life!   Erick heard some pretty harsh words about the reality of making a living as a photographer.  But, he was given some great guidance on how to make photography an important part of his life. We are always so grateful when donors and friends offer their expertise to help guide our students in their career choices.

BSF Announces the Jorge Immana Fund for the Development of the Arts

The Foundation Expands with Donations to Support Artistic Students with Promise

Sr. Jorge Imana, a world renown artist passed away at his home in Bajamar in early December.  From the beginning of the BSF, Jorge and his wife, Cristina, have been supporters and Cristina has served on the Board for many years.A life-long lover of all the arts, Jorge recently helped one of our students purchase a new violin. 

This gift inspired Cristina to endow a new program, The Jorge Imana Fund for the Development of the Arts, which will allow BSF students the incredible opportunity to study the arts, whether it be dance, painting, music or photography.  Students will be able to submit a proposal for a grant to do something that simply would be outside of their family's capabilities to explore.

The original endowment has grown through donations from many who loved and respected Sr. Imana and who wished to donate to this fund in his memory.

Our Students Flourish in the Univerisity Environment

Perla is a REAL superstar!

It's always wonderful to see our University students who are going to school far away from home. In this photo, Perla (on the left) is visiting from the prestigious university in Monterrey.  She is studying molecular biology and genetics.


Why is she wearing a hat inside?  Her sponsor, Susie Van Pool, of Washington, D.C. just sent Perla and her sister warm hats as part of a lovely holiday gift!  Our sponsors are great and treat "their students" to lovely extras.


By the way, Perla continues to receive the highest grades possible.

See the VIDEO about Perla's Life in college HERE.

BSF Three Kings Party Reveals the Great Success of the Program

Kids Enjoy Great Camaraderie and Sponsors see the Results of Their efforts


The 2015 edition of the Baja Scholarship Foundation Three Kings Party.once again brought together the scholarship recipients, their sponsors and the administrators of the program to celebrate the successes of the past year and look to the future during the holiday season. the feast of the Epiphany is an appropriate time to introduce our sponsors both, new, existing and prospective to the benefits of the program and what BSF truly performs in the community.

Kids were treated with pollo asado and all the trimmings as well as Christmas gifts donated by one of the great friends of the foundation. High quality futball's were given to each student and a lucky raffle winner received a brand new, all terrain, full suspension mountain bike also donated by a friend of the foundation.

the interactions of the younger students and the students on the cusp of graduation into new and exciting jobs always creates a positive wave of inspiration for the students as they have a view to what their newly created future holds for them.



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